Weight Loss

The Fitnessista podcast

Hello friends! The new episode of the podcast is live. Friendly Disclaimer: In this episode we talk about binge eating and emotional eating. If you think this would be a triggering topic for you, please use your discretion. xo I’m so excited to have Brittany Watkins on the podcast today.

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Easy Refrigerator Pickles

April 17, 2024 28 Comments These easy refrigerator pickles should live in your refrigerator. Bored of the same old food: add pickles! I make these pickles for my husband, who then devours them and tries to drink the pickle juice (which has become a thing). My children scream – noooo!!!

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Ep222: The Truth Behind Hormone Balancing with Lacy Lain, FMCHC

In This episode, Tina chats with Lacy Lain about the truth behind what it really takes to balance your hormones, despite what you may hear on social media. Lacy debunks common misconceptions about hormone balance, provides some nutrition and lifestyle recommendations, and encourages taking a holistic approach to balancing hormones.

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Runs for Cookies: Eclipse

I was a little excited to see the eclipse today! I was too scared to watch the 2017 one (the news made it look like we’d go instantly blind if we opened our eyes outdoors), so I decided against it. But then several people talked about how amazing it was

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Stretches for better posture – The Fitnessista

I’m sharing some of my favorite stretches for better posture. Hello friends! How are you? I hope you’re enjoying the day so far! Today I have a Spanish lesson and I’m meeting a friend for lunch. And I hope you have a fun and relaxing day ahead! For today… let’s

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Fresh Strawberry Recipes

April 14, 2024 4 Comments These fresh strawberry recipes will inspire you to buy pounds and pounds of fresh strawberries. The easiest fresh strawberry dish is: wash and eat! (I guess that’s not really a recipe.) Strawberry desserts will be instantly healthier than the usual chocolate cakes or creme brulee

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Runs for Cookies: Denim Refashion

As I said yesterday, I’ve been working on some fun projects lately, mostly sewing. It all started because I wanted to get better at sewing zippers. When I sew, I usually just alter the clothes; I like to buy clothes in second-hand stores and remodel them to my (peculiar) taste.

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Fresh Asparagus Recipes: Spring is Here!

April 9, 2024 1 Comment These fresh asparagus recipes will help you shape your cooking for the next month. When I walked into my local supermarket, there was a wall of asparagus greeting me. I said, “Hello, asparagus!” Did not answer. I love this product and we all know it

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Ep221: Developing the Right Mindset for Fat Loss

In This episode, Tina talks about the importance of having the right mindset when losing weight. She shares real-life strategies to implement, mindset changes to make, and clarifies the goals and expectations necessary for a successful fat loss phase. Tina talks about: Mistakes women make when trying to lose weight

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How To Prepare Tofu (notes to Noah)

This is a bit of a strange post because it’s actually directed at Noah (and my “voice” in the post is written towards him), but I thought maybe someone who is new to tofu, or just interested in trying it, could find it useful. I remember very specifically a moment

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Veg Intimidation: How To Cook Grilled Artichokes

I’m about to show you the way to my heart. How to grill artichokes Artichokes are one of the first foods that the pilot and I prepared to accompany our dinners. When we first started dating, money was tight, so instead of eating out, we’d share a yellowfin tuna steak

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