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101 Affirmations For Self-Love To Help You Feel Your Best

“For example,” says Leeds, “if you’re working to stop being a workaholic but the affirmation I am worthy of rest It still doesn’t feel true, start with, It’s okay to take a break when I feel exhaustedand work your way up.” Or, for another example, Bruneau adds, if you’re struggling

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Flexibility Routine: 7 Full Body Stretches

It’s easy to overlook the importance of maintaining flexibility and taking time to care for our bodies. Incorporating a regular full-body stretching routine into your daily life can do wonders for your physical and mental health and well-being. Stretching not only improves flexibility, but also helps relieve muscle tension, improve

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Healthy homemade dog food recipe

I’m sharing a recipe for healthy, homemade dog food! Hello friends! How are you? I hope your day goes well! Today I’m going to the children’s school to volunteer and I hope to spend some time in sauna blanket after a workout. Should be a pretty low-key day! For today’s

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Friday Faves 4.12 – The Fitnessista

Hello friends! Happy Friday!! How was the week? I hope you had an amazing one. Ours was good; Busy as always, but time for fun between school and work. What’s happening this weekend? P has a basketball game and a birthday party, and it is his First Communion. We are

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My favorite wellness resources list

Sharing the latest guide that I have created and that you can download it completely free here. Hello friends! How are you? I hope you’re having a wonderful day so far! I’m off to the kids’ school for a while and hope to record a podcast episode for IHP later

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Friday Faves 4.5 – The Fitnessista

Hello friends! How was the week? I hope you had a great time. What’s happening this weekend? We have a birthday party, we go out at night with friends and I teach a barre class. I can’t wait to get into it either. sauna blanket this afternoon; It’s a little

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Garnier Fructis Hair Filler Editor Review: Is It Worth It?

When I say “hair filler”, I mean protein-rich ingredients that penetrate the strand and rebuild the broken bonds in the hair, resulting in healthier, softer and more defined strands. If this sounds similar to a bond-strengthening treatment, well, that’s because that’s exactly what it is: hair fillers and bond builders

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Denver Running Trails | Chuze Fitness

Located in Denver, known as the Mile High City, you’ll discover an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise beyond its towering mountain peaks. This guide is your key to discovering world-class running trails that traverse Colorado’s captivating landscapes. Denver transforms running into an immersive journey, where the thrill of exercise converges with stunning

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