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Last Friday night, Thomas and I went to a dinner party at Veritas. The theme was hip hop and we had a great time!

Dinner from the Dinner series at Veritas

I love a good dinner with wine, and Veritas offers some of the best! Once a month for most of the year, there is a Supper Series dinner at Veritas. You can see the full event schedule here! Each dinner has a totally different theme and there are many guest chefs. Veritas invited me to the May Dinner Series with Randi Brady from Diversified vines. Randi is known for her “Taste the Playlist” events where she brings together wine and hip hop. Randi came all the way from Atlanta and played music for our dinner at the winery!

My date for the night:

Course one

Applications approved with Veritas Viognier 2022

The approved applications were so good! This was a fried Virginia oyster with hydro lettuce and ranch caviar (I’m pulling these descriptions right off the menu!)

And OMG, these mushrooms were stuffed with pimento cheese and I think they had pork on top. What a great combination!

The adjustment

Some of the Supper Series dinners are held outdoors, but ours was in the beautiful Veritas Ballroom.

I loved the disco ball centerpieces! We were assigned tables and seated next to a guy who we discovered lives three doors down from us.

Opening words

As dinner began, we were introduced to Randi Brady along with Veritas winemaker Emily Hodson and CEO George Hodson. They explained how the music influenced the meal and what to expect as you begin each course.

You will see that on the menu below there is a unique song for each dish, but then as we enjoyed eating, more songs flowed into the playlist in a similar style. I think they had originally planned for the dance floor to open at the end of the meal, but so many people were inspired by the music that there were dancers on every plate! I honestly had no idea what to expect when I RSVPed for this event and it exceeded all expectations. It’s unlike any other dinner I’ve ever attended!

First course

“Southern Hospitality” – Ludacris

We had the Veritas Scintilla NV with some delicious seafood, salads and Virginia fried dips. Everything was served on trays, family style.

Second course

“I’m Good” – Clipse with Pharrell

Combined with the Rosé 2023, which I loved. It was my favorite wine of the night!

The lighting was dimmed, but this bright salad was really complex with orzo, asparagus, pecorino cheese, lemon, shitake mushrooms, and a grilled ramp dressing.

Third course

“Juicy” – Notorious BIG

Paired with Cabernet Franc 2017

We enjoyed pepper jack mashed potatoes, roasted tomatoes, and a porchetta. I just had to look up what a porchetta was because I’m still not sure even after eating it! According to Wikipedia: “Porchetta is a flavorful, fatty, moist boneless pork roast from the Italian culinary tradition. The carcass is boned and spit or traditionally roasted over wood for at least eight hours, with the fat and skin still on.” It was SO unique: super crispy skin, with layers of fat in the middle and then juicier meat in the middle (that may have been liver?!)


“Get Light” – Nas

OMG, I loved this Strawberry Clafoutis! We enjoyed it with the Kenmar 2021 dessert wine. I had to be careful not to drink too much because everything tasted perfectly together.

And then the dance floor exploded!

These two started it and in no time it was packed like it was a wedding, thanks to DJ Nobe!

Future Supper Series Dinners

If you would like to purchase tickets to an upcoming event, check them here!

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