New Mobility Newsletter – Apr. 17, 2024

LapStacker relaunches retractable strap system

For wheelchair users, leaving things off your lap is part of the game, but LapStacker aims to change that. Once the device is installed, take out the strap loops mounted on each side of your chair, stretch them over the items on your lap, and fasten the buckles to secure them. Finger loops and magnetic buckle make it easy to use for people with limited manual functions.

Kalogon’s Orbiter Med Provides Postural Support to Smart Wheelchair Cushion

Kalogon introduced the Orbiter in late 2022 as a smart wheelchair cushion that can be adjusted via an app. Their newly launched Orbiter Med takes the smart features of the original cushion and adds a variety of postural support options to meet your individual seating needs.

A day in the life: pastry chef Jessica Kruger

In 2019, sketchy quad Jessica Kruger opened her own bakery in Vancouver, Canada, decorating cakes, cookies, and cupcakes to make her clients’ milestones special. See how Kruger’s adaptive ingenuity allows him to create amazing, edible art.

Inside the magazine with editor Ian Ruder

New Mobility Editor-in-Chief Ian Ruder recently joined the popular Live to Roll podcast to talk about New Mobility and life with a disability. He talks about his favorite stories, how we created the magazine, and some of his favorite tools for working on a computer as a higher-level quad.

Functional fitness: how to make your transfers easier

In our new column, Functional Fitness, quad personal trainer and veteran Ben Clark offers fitness tips to make your daily life a little easier. First, he addresses one of the most important parts of independent living as a wheelchair user: transfers. Sure, strength is important, but so is shoulder flexibility and stability.

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