How Dry Eye Can Affect Your Life

Dry eye disease doesn’t just affect the eyes.

Symptoms like…

  • Itchy or burning eyes

  • Crying eyes

  • Light sensitivity

  • Blurry vision

…can also affect your quality of life


Dry eye disease can affect your ability to work and make you less productive.

Staring at a screen for long periods of time or working outdoors in windy or dry weather can worsen symptoms such as dryness and irritation.

People with dry eye may have difficulty functioning at work and may need to take time off because of it. Many fear losing their jobs.


More time away from work can mean less income or job loss.

Treatment costs, including:

  • Over the counter remedies

  • Office Visits

  • Surgery

add up, even if you have insurance.

Mental health

People with dry eye may feel isolated, especially if they are unable to work or participate in daily activities due to their symptoms.

Dry eye disease has been linked to depression and anxiety.

Migraine attacks

Migraine does not cause dry eye, but there may be a connection between the two conditions.


Dry eye disease can slow reading speed by up to 10% and make it difficult to read for more than 30 minutes. This can make everyday tasks that require visual concentration for long periods of time difficult.


Dry eye disease can affect your ability to see while driving.

People with dry eye may have slower response times and fail to see obstacles in the way.


Race and ethnicity can influence the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease.

Dry eye disease is more common in people of Asian descent

Compared to whites, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics can:

  • Experiencing more severe symptoms.

  • Have less access to medical care.

  • BeThey are less likely to receive treatments

What happens if dry eye disease is not treated?

In some cases, if left untreated, dry eye disease can progress from mild to moderate to severe.

Dry eye disease is a condition that must be managed.

Consult your healthcare provider for help.

If dry eye disease is affecting your quality of life, talk to a dry eye disease specialist or eye care professional and seek support from advocacy groups like the Dry Eye Foundation.

Learn more about dry eye disease in Más Real. More substance. Viatris Eye Care Division YouTube Channel.

This educational resource was created with the support of Más Real. More substance. Viatris Eye Care Division YouTube Channel.

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