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Living with bipolar disorder can be challenging, and living with bipolar disorder on vacation is even more so. While there are many good things about vacations, bipolar stability is often not one of them. I think we should take advantage of the good parts of the holidays while protecting our mental health for after the holidays as well. Here are holiday tips when it comes to bipolar disorder.

Why Christmas advice is important for bipolar people

Like I said, there are many nice things about vacations. The problem is that these pleasurable things often result in a disruption to our routine and mental health. Even things we enjoy (such as alcohol, which we should avoid) are not guaranteed to have a positive impact on bipolar disorder. (For many of us, there are also negative things about the holidays that we must be content with.) Yes, this is terribly unfair. Whether you are going through a positive or negative Christmas experience, Christmas tips really are important so that you don’t end up with a very depressed or unstable New Year.

Bipolar Christmas Tips for the Negative Parts of the Holidays

I have previously written about both the negative aspects of vacations and the positive ones. Here are some bipolar vacation tips for when things aren’t rosy and bright:

  • Tips to overcome anxiety during the holidays — While vacations are commonly considered positive experiences, they can also cause a lot of anxiety due to family disputes, extra socializing, money worries, and more. But you can Manage anxiety during the holidays.
  • Handling an unhappy holiday season — I wish the holidays were a happy time for everyone, but this is not the case. Learn how to handle an unhappy holiday season here.
  • Holidays without family: mental health and not spending the holidays with Family — Most of us associate vacations with family. But what happens when you can’t spend the holidays with your family, either because you don’t have any or because you simply choose not to see them? The impact on your mental health can be negative, but it doesn’t have to be.

Bipolar tips to maintain stability during the holidays

Hopefully, your biggest concern during the holidays is maintaining stability. It’s not a minor worry, but it’s better than worrying about anxiety or depression on top of it. Here are some general tips for bipolar vacations:

Mentally healthy gifts

Finally, if you’re looking to give (or receive) gifts that can improve or maintain your mental health, read this. It’s full of ideas for what to give someone that can support their mental health. I also wrote a bipolar gift guide a few years ago.

(For the record, no, you don’t have to gift anyone anything related to mental health. However, sometimes, it’s the most caring thing you can do.)

Final Tips for Bipolar Vacations

No matter how you approach the holidays, try to make sure they don’t hurt your bipolar disorder or your overall mental health and maybe even help you. Don’t fall into the traps of alcohol and partying. Instead, enjoy time with the people you love and go see the twinkling lights. Those things always help me.

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