Seven Holiday Gift Ideas for Wheelchair Users — $100 or Less

1. Slippers for your wheelchair

Manual wheelchair with beige covers on its wheels and casters.

Whether we love or hate winter, we can all agree that wheelchair tires and cold, wet weather don’t mix. Stop worrying about leaving trails of mud and debris inside and make the season a little easier by getting a pair of “wheelchair slippers” from RehaDesigns. Sure, they look a little silly, but they’re super easy to put on and will significantly reduce your tire and floor cleaning time during the winter. Plus, you’re at home. Who cares if your wheelchair is in its pajamas?

Available Opens in a new windowfor $54.99 by Living Spinal. They come in 22- and 24-inch sizes, although the 24s easily stretch to fit 25-inch wheels.

2. Fast tires, for less

black mbl tire cross section

A quality, lightweight tire can make your manual wheelchair much easier to push. But who wants to pay $155 for a pair of Schwalbe Ones only to have them wear out as quickly as any other tire? The new MBL Speedlite tires meet all the requirements of “fast wheelchair tires”: light, low profile and high pressure. Additionally, they have a minimalist tread pattern that offers amazing grip while maintaining low rolling resistance.

They normally sell for $47 per tire, but now DME Hub has them for sale. Opens in a new windowfor $27.50. It’s a great deal on quality tires – get them while you can.

3. Limited Grip Game Controller

Playstation round controller socket with joystick

PlayStation announced its first adaptive controller in February and it’s finally hitting the market just in time for the holidays. The new controller is made up of a pair of circular gamepads with buttons around the perimeter and an analog joystick that can be adjusted to be closer or further away from the gamepad. To create a system that suits your needs, it can be combined with other PlayStation controllers and features 3.5 millimeter ports so you can add third-party buttons and switches if necessary. Now we’re just missing a Tony Hawk-style WCMX game.

Available from December 6 Opens in a new windowfor $89.99 from the PlayStation Store and includes alternative joysticks and button caps so you can discover which one works best for you.

4. A waterproof jacket for your legs

white male wheelcahur user pushing outside in the rain.  He is wearing a black Kinetic Balance rain jacket and a Raindek rain cover over his legs.

Yes, this exists and it is glorious. If you’re a wheelchair user living in a rainy part of the country, you’re probably used to the top of your pants getting wet, because the poncho style isn’t for everyone and who wants to put on waterproof pants and off? The Raindek from Netherlands-based Kinetic Balance is a waterproof garment that attaches around the waist and below the knees, comfortably covering the knees and thighs. It’s easy to put on, won’t get caught in the wheels, and packs away in its own small bag.

Available Opens in a new windowfor $69 of Crooked Column. Also available in full leg version. Opens in a new windowfor $89.

5. Portable Electric Air Pump

Black recentgular air pump with digital display on the front.

This is the gift your parents want to give you. The Airmoto electric air pump is small and much lighter than the older Campbell Hausfeld portable air pumps. It comes with a USB charger and inflates up to 120 pounds per square inch, making it useful for everyday wheels and most high-pressure sports or handbike tires. Plus, it has a battery large enough to support vehicle tires.

Available Opens in a new windowfor $79 directly from Airmoto.

6. Heated vest

Black padded vest with illustration of heated spirals around the belly and upper back.

Add reasonably priced heated outerwear to the long list of things made possible by cheap, powerful lithium batteries. If you are cold all the time during winter, wear a heated vest. It will keep your core warm and you won’t have to replace it all when you blow out your sleeves while you’re outside. There are countless options on Amazon, but TideWe’s Lightweight Heated Vest scored well on Travel + Leisure magazine review and has a waterproof casing and a slim cut that shouldn’t rub against the wheels.

Retail sales of women’s vests. Opens in a new windowfor $89 and men’s retail Opens in a new windowfor $99.

7. Easy Pour Electric Kettle

Electric hot water kettle with one hand tilting it on the base towards a cup.

There are few better ways to feel cozy from the inside out than sitting in front of the fire or heater and enjoying a hot cup of tea. Electric kettles make the water-boiling part of making tea faster and safer than dealing with a pot on the stove. But pouring can still be tricky for anyone with limited balance or weak arm or hand strength. Enter the Uccello Easy-Pour Kettle, which has a mechanism in the base that allows you to pour by tilting the kettle instead of having to lift it.

Available Opens in a new windowfor $85.

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