Runs for Cookies: Three Things Thursday: Witness

Even though I said I was going to wait until the entire season aired, Jerry and I watched the second episode of The Golden Bachelor yesterday. I loved the first date Gerry decided to go on with one of the women. Unlike The Bachelor’s tired, over-the-top dates (like a helicopter ride to the beach for sunset dinner), they went to an old-school diner where they shared a milkshake and fries. Much more my style!

(Warning: Mild spoiler for the second episode of The Golden Bachelor) During their conversation, Gerry used the phrase “don’t stop believing” and then Journey’s song came on the restaurant’s radio. Then it turned into a whole flash mob! It was this scene that inspired my idea for today’s Three Things Thursday…

Three things I hope to witness one day:

1. A flash mob

I’m obsessed with flash mobs. I am completely amazed at how everything must coordinate and fit together perfectly. I’ve seen them on television (the one I shared in my “jaw-dropping” post was completely awesome) but I’ve never seen one in real life. And it’s something that’s on my secret wish list! (I don’t actually have a secret wish list, but this would be at the top if I did.)

I don’t care if I simply witness it, participate in it, or am the subject of the surprise; It would be great to experience it one day.

2. A birth

When Becky was pregnant with Luke, we went out to dinner and the topic of birth came up. Becky is a registered nurse and said she believes everyone should experience a birth and a death (preferably not on the same day) in their life. (She said I could be there when Luke was born, but Brian wanted it to be just him and Becky. Plus, Luke was born less than an hour after she started having contractions!)

I can also understand experiencing a death, although that’s not something to get excited about, of course. I thought I would be with Mark when he died in 2014., and even though it would have been very heartbreaking, I feel like he would have liked to have me there. I would have done it for him.

As for a birth, I feel like the emotions in the room (from the moment before the birth, the birth itself, and immediately after) would be SO strong and, assuming there are no complications, it would be a real pleasure to witness. . If I had any desire to be a nurse, I think working in labor and delivery would be my choice.

The chances of you ever witnessing a birth are very slim, but it’s a (not-so-secret) hope that one day you will.

Jerry got so excited when Noah was born that the nurse thought he was going to faint and made him sit up haha. My best friend Sarah (behind him) was also there, as were my mom and sister.

3. A jury trial

This is not so much to witness, but rather to experience. I would love to serve on the jury of a big trial! Not only am I very curious to know how it all works, but I feel like I would make a good jury. Knowing how emotional I can be it may seem like I wouldn’t be very objective, but I think it would be quite the opposite. I’ve always been good at seeing things objectively and am a “rule follower” for the most part. If they give me instructions, I can follow them to the letter.

However, I do not believe in capital punishment, so I could not serve on a jury in a trial where that is on the table; Otherwise, the experience of hearing a crime exposed, listening to witness testimony, reviewing evidence, and taking responsibility for paying close attention to detail would be quite amazing.

In fact, I have received notifications about my jury duty several times: when the children were very young, I was excused (twice) because I didn’t have childcare; When we went to Punta Cana, I was obviously out of the country; and then last year I was very excited to receive a notification again, but I received a second letter telling me it wasn’t necessary.

Curiously, although I have been summoned four times, Jerry has never been summoned! Hopefully, one day I will receive another citation; If I am selected, I will be happy to do it.

And there it is…three things I hope to witness (or experience) one day! Have any of you experienced any of these? Are they as impressive as I imagine?

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