Prime Big Deals Day (the best stuff)

We’re sharing the best of the best of today’s and tomorrow’s Prime Day deals!

Hello friends! How are you? I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far! The kids are back from school for fall break and while we stay in town, I’m definitely looking forward to some fun adventures. This week we plan to walk through the Botanical Gardens, take a family walk, and go see the new baby sloth at the zoo! We’re also going to do some shopping.

Today is the big Amazon sale.And it’s the perfect time for vacation! I’m trying to do as much as I can early this year, which is what I say every year, but I’m determined. I used to love the frenetic energy of last minute shopping (they rushed me, what can I say hahaha), but not anymore. It’s too stressful. This year, I’m trying to set myself up for success by reviewing our list, so I can relax with a small cup of hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies without the shopping list in my head.

Whether you’re shopping early for family, friends, or yourself, I’ve checked out all the deals ahead of time to share the best things with you! I hope you get some good ideas here and I’d love to hear what you’re buying and what you’ve found. It’s also a good time to stock up on household essentials, appliances, and beauty deals. Everything is listed below!

*Affiliate links are included below and do not affect the purchase price. They allow me to earn a small kickback that I use to keep the blog running! Many thanks to those of you who buy my links and support the blog in this way.

Top Big Deals Day

For her:

This oversized cardigan

This long line sports bra. I have a few of these and they are very similar to the Align tanks.

This square neck bodysuit.

Chunky hoop earrings set.

Cozy wool socks.

One of my favorite sets of all time.

Half-zip sweater.

These waterproof Chelsea boots They are so cute and have amazing reviews.

Viscoelastic slippers.

I have a couple of these pajamas and they are super soft.

Straight ankle jeans.

These joggers for exercise or for life.

I have this sweater in pink and may need another color.

This carry-on backpack!

Incredible price on these sunglasses.

For him:

Men’s dress shirt.

This quarter-zip fleece sweatshirt.

Fleece jacket with full zip.

Flannel pajama pants.

An incredible price on these golf polos.

This short sleeve printed shirt.

The pilot’s favorite casual loafers.

These straight cut jogger pants.

Incredible offer on this pack of 7 boxers.

For home:

Definitely the best time to purchase a Vitamix! I started using a Vitamix in 2008 and haven’t looked back. I use it at least once a day! This is the one we have and love.

We love our Ring devices! Now is the time to bring in some of you who don’t already use Ring.

Amazing price on this air purifier!

I bought my Instant Pot in 2016. and I’ve used it almost every day since.

The best portable vaporizer! This is a fun little stocking stuffer.

Under sink organizers and storage.

I love these glass storage containers.especially if you’re trying to ditch plastic.

I have tried many vacuum cleaners over the years and this is still my number one.. It works better and lasts.

I need to get this waffle maker. for the crew!

This clothes steamer. I stopped ironing clothes years ago and I’ll never go back! (Although I’m a weirdo who irons our sheets.)

Portable labeler.

For children:

Superhero 5 pack.

Hape punches and hits the bench.

This card game is a great stocking stuffer; We love this one.

P played with these magnetic tiles for YEARS. They are a big hit with toddlers and preschoolers.

Another fun game for preschoolers and older.

Kindle Paperwhite for kids.

My Little Pony set.

This robot is pretty awesome.

Super set from Marble Run.

Beauty Deals and Viral Products:

My FAVORITE travel bag

Slicer, dicing machine, chopper, spiralizer

This flared jumpsuit.

This V-neck bodysuit.

Packing cubes.

This TikTok heatless hair curler set.

The best Bose headphones.

This practical hair remover.

Frowns! You guys know I’m obsessed with this.

Happy shopping, friends!
hugs and kisses


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