Achieving Optimal Standing Outcomes with the New Rifton Stander

The position is very important for the first years of rapid development and growth. For children with disabilities who have limited weight-bearing capacity, the use of adaptive supports helps prevent contractures, improves range of motion and hip health, and decreases the risk of fractures. These children deserve optimal and timely positioning opportunities to promote healthy development and improve function.

Rifton’s new Pediatric Brace was designed with the needs of young children in mind and offers positioning options in accordance with the most up-to-date standards. evidence on the benefits of early position.

The new small size bracket fits children 28 to 42 inches tall. This means that children with disabilities can stand up at the same age as their typically developing peers, as research recommends. With its tummy time and back configurations, the new Rifton Stander has a multitude of positioning options for children of different abilities. Independent leg abduction adjustment, a variety of supports and straps, medial and lateral pads, and foot platforms and sandal with adjustable straps are among the new features that allow the stander to be custom fit almost all necessities. Plus, the new brace “grows” with the growing child with easy, tool-free adjustments.

Also, because transferring children from one device to another can be difficult, the design of this new holder offers the option of making transfers easier and safer for both the child and the caregiver. The innovative base design and the ability to adjust the stand up and down and tilt from horizontal to vertical allow for easy transfer between teams as part of a postural management program. The soft padded body support and comfort straps ensure a comfortable and secure position for all users.

Since the new Rifton Adaptive Support has so many additional features to benefit young children with disabilities, we have put together a chart detailing each feature and its application. With appropriate, evidence-based positioning options, we hope that every child will experience optimal positioning outcomes for a better future.

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